Shared by N1TR0 on August 22, 2013

Hi guys and DayZ-Players in this video i show you how to build your own house in DayZ Origins. I hope it is no problem for you if i have added subtitles.

You can choose your house – bandit or heroskin is needed for.

Herohouse – heroskin
bandithouse – banditskin

What you need:

Foundation: 2 bag of cement / 2 Reinforcing material / 25 wood piles / 15 rocks / blueprint(bandit or hero L1)

Rocks could be found by the mines: over Byelov, also in the North – The Cement mine! beside the hill “Morana” left of Krasnoznamensk – The Nekmair mine!

Stage 2: 6 bag of cement / 4 reinforcing material / 35 wood piles / 25 rocks / 1 code lock / 1 battery /

All these things can be found at the supermarket and in farms and by industrial places.

If you want to build a bandit L3 you have to find it in SECTOR B or kill DR. IVAN