Shared by uncuepa on May 27, 2017

Something completely different and out of the blue for me. Last night I decided to just sit and watch the trees sway. A snapshot of the beauty of .62 and Nizhnoye, the often forgotten town south of Berezino. Keep doing you, Nizhnoye!

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Video Geolocation


  • 0.62 really looks phenomenal with the vegetation variation. Really great job! I would only hope that grass would be a bit taller, at least in some areas. But the richness of the ground textures with moss + ambient sound make it feel like you are really in the forest

    Also enviromental wise what i would like to se in the future is flock of birds, ducks – whatever when you run through the forest making the flock flee – and potentially alerting other players nearby. You could use a shotgun also to hunt for ducks i think it would be fun.

    There is probably tons of things and objects that could be added like nests of ‘Formica rufa’ ants, bee nests where you can harvest honey. Small animals like frogs, lizards or even snails can be enough to survive off the wildlands if you catch enough of them.

    Oh and the most important – bats! Bats at night 🙂