Shared by Happybro on October 15, 2015

B. Hicks: Now lets talk about something that *really* got me excited. The other week I sat down with Peter our Lead Designer, and Honza one of our Senior Designers to check out some of the things they were working on as they get access to the larger changes we’ve been waiting for quite awhile on. I spoke with Break71 the other week about how we thought how silly the whole idea of being locked into an animation when performing an action was. Besides the myriad of bugs that are associated with how this works and has worked throughout the Early Access – it just felt like such an immersion and fun killer.

Just to be clear – the video is above is rough! However it shows what I’m talking about. The design team has significant work ahead of them rewriting every action to match with this behavior. What we’re looking at is a change from an action triggering an animation and success/failure being dependent on the completion of the animation. In the example we see Senior Designer Honza (Jan) eating a test bag of rice. As he triggers the action (eating) he is holding down the assigned test key (I believe his left mouse button) his character begins eating the rice. As soon as he releases the key, the character stops eating and is free to move or perform another action.

The amount of rice consumed is calculated based upon the duration of time he was eating the rice – and voila. We see a massive change in how the user interacts with the world, and performs the majority of actions and tasks within DayZ. I know I’ve said this a lot – but I’m excited and you should be too.