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B. Hicks: One of the things I’m excited about gameplay wise related to that is the volume balance changes, with different shoe/boot types hopefully soon having different sound profiles, gunshots themselves will also inherently be much louder in comparison with the rest of the world.

In the video up above we’ve put together some of the changes to weapon sounds. Sure, its not the new ambience – BUT I’m personally excited about any movements towards making each weapon have a unique audio signature so when we’re all sneaking through a dense urban environment or sprinting across the wilds of Chernarus we can identify what weapon is being fired by audio alone. Some tweaks will more than likely happen before these sounds are finalized, but we wanted you guys to hear how they are sounding right now.


  • Sounds are great, but I am afraid they are targeting this for pvp reasons (“ah look I can hear player X use this or that gun so I know when to engage him/her”). PvP is a nice way of playing this game and authentic sounds do create immersion, however I hope they will also focus on pve (we haven’t seen much of this being implemented). I am getting the feeling they are losing touch to what the game used to stand for. (open world: *cheers*, infected: *cheers*, pvp *cheers*, pve *cheers* => open world: *cheers*, infected: *wait whut? where?*, pvp *this is getting old fast*, pve *there are some mechanics like weather influencing survival, frowns*, I still hope that the game is going to be something like a survival game, but it is starting to look more heavily focused on PvP with a few infected running around. There are games that do PvP better and I really hope they will make this game something other than what it is now 🙁 : More players seem to stop playing the game (many “empty” servers, with only a few “full”servers). Many people I know have been excited by Dayz but now they have stopped playing the game, because of some of the reasons I mentioned.

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      Mate I can completely agree. Because when you walk through a forest you want to here the sounds of birds and other wild life around you. Not just the silently dead felling wind.

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      I agree man, not even forests are safe from PvP. Not to mention that they need to add new survival mechanics so that players aren’t forced into killing for food or gear.

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      DayzSA is about two types of play PVP and PVE, however I think of it more as their are two ways to play the game – wilderness play and urban play. It is vital the devs get both right as the fact is that the majority of players play on low pop servers, so this simply points to either (I) layers gearing up on low pop servers as there is no threat (ii) a lot of players actually like playing with less players around.

      I’m in fact the later of the two, which a lot of the community is, there needs to be balance, but I do tend to agree that focusing on a new weapons every week not addressing core dynamics, I suspect core dynamics will be much more the focus in the coming few months.

    • im pretty sure a big part of dayz is about pvp, i do dislike the fact that the community does not seem to understand the value of player encounters – be they hostile or not. when dayz mod was still popular the game was all about pvp and was much more merciless to newbies than it is now. i thought people were grateful about pvp getting nerfed – bigger maps, less hotspots, weapon sway etc. – but as it seems many pvers are not satisfied and still demand more changes that might drastically decrease the entertainment and tactics in pvp.
      as much as i like fighting zombies and the aspect of survival – i don’t like the “this game is pve and pve only”-attitude being spammed everywhere by the dayz sa community, repeatedly forcing the devs to re-rechange every new mechanic they come up with. though your comment was reasonable and i respect your opinion as a fellow community member, i do not agree and by all means do not want this game to be the way you stated.
      by the way – there’s pve servers where you won’t get shot by players even if there’s the new soundmechanic implemented. this would hardly effect pveservers at all, seeing as how many of them are private hives anyway.
      for those of you who might feel offended, im sorry, but this was something i wanted to write for a long time now

      • Well Sinus I respect your opinion on the matter, but Dayz SA is not only about pvp so the dev’s don’t have to re-rechange every new mechanic it was never said Dayz was about PvP only (the sentence hints more towards PvE even : I agree that both options should be catered by the Dev’s, like I said in my remark: I like PvP, but Dayz used to offer more than being a FPS. If you read their own description it has to be clear to anyone that the game is not ONLY about PvP. For those that forgot and started to think that it is only about pvp read the following:
        “About This Game:

        Welcome to the world of DayZ, hit by a new and presently unknown infection which has wiped out most of the world’s population. You are one of the few that have survived and now you must search this new wasteland in order to fight for your life against what is left of the indigenous population now infected with the disease. Go solo, team up with friends or take on the world, as you choose your path in this brutal and chilling landscape using whatever means you stumble upon to survive.”

        The last part of the introduction is interesting: ” you can go solo, team up with friends or take on the world can be interpreted both as PvP and PvE, but now they seem to focus on the needs of the PvP players.

        Tl;dr the game needs to focus on both PVE and PvP needs: a normal server should offer both and now it looks like the PvP aspect is being focused on. You have a point, but Dayz SA was never mostly about PvP.

        • yes, surely you are right, and I did not say that this game is about pvp only – see first sentence “im pretty sure a _big_ part of dayz is about pvp,” –
          also did you just mention that the devs were focusing more on pvp – which is not what I believe, since there’s been very much changes making the survivalpart (pve) harder see:
          sickness, dehydration, farming, fishing, they even announced contaminated areas, with that said, there has been a very constant increase on survival.
          of course there were pvp increasements as well (which i do not list right now to save some space) –
          i am very well of aware of the fact that this game is still in alpha. i was never saying that i dislike the game as is or that i’d like to butt in and make complaints about the devs or the game itself.
          i was trying to make clear that this game IS (as soon as the zombies are in again) _already_ focused heavily on pve.
          here some other changes that made pvp even harder/less profitable:
          ruined clothing (was not in dayz mod), silencer getting damaged when shooting, ammo boxes/medkits getting nerfed (taking more space – though i do understand changing it made sense),

          WHICH IS GOOD
          and i know im repeating myself: you say there’s been an increase in pvpchanges – may be true – but in comparison to the dayz mod it is still improvable.
          and this is why i disliked what you were saying at the beginning:
          “I am __afraid__ they are targeting this for pvp reasons (“ah look I can hear player X use this or that gun so I know when to engage him/her”)”
          because i think this is a good thing. improving this game – whether it is pvp or pve is always a _good_ thing – at least for me. but it sounded to me like you were against this which is why i was making a fuss about it.

          • Ps. atm most people are scared of other players instead of infected or illness.

            Fear the walking dea… uhm persons 😉

          • I think we both agree with each other on the point that the game needs love for both gameplay types. (my thumbs up to the dev’s is a compliment to them, because I really like that sounds are going to be different, but unfortunately there aren’t any thumbs up emo’s, as far as I know here haha 🙂 .
            I also don’t think you are making a fuss: talking about what we love and or dislike can only make the game better. So keep up the good discussions and who knows: our paths may cross in the game.
            At this moment the game relies mostly on PvP gameplay (because once you get geared up there is not much to do except hunt or help other survivors and helping people is a challenge atm. I know I (and many others) have been shot many times helping bambi’s 😉 ).
            The new update 0.59 will bring back the infected but there is a possibility that it will be postponed, which is a good thing, if they aren’t working as intended, but in that case the game will be focusing on a few new things and then back to being “pvp-ish”.
            I almost can’t remember what our beloved infected look like, I have noticed that when I sometimes roam the woods in Chernarus I stop and listen and hope to hear them scream frantically and go for my throat 😉

      • Ps. adding sounds is a great feature, so I have no issues with them implementing several things/item, *big thumbs up* for the dev’s team.

  • I think some of these sound great. Still think it would be awesome to see some sort of “mesh” quality to the rapid fire. Also was anyone else disappointed when he fired inside the barn and it sounded the same as if it were fired outside?

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    SVD sounds really sexy ! Not sure if I like that new PSO-1 though. I’m hyped!

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    So meaty, I love it… gives me goosebumps.

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    What is that weapon at 0:54. Sounds like a pm73 rak. But it looks like a mp7 or scar, cause of the iron sights. Some please help me. Really hyped for this patch.

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    Noisey but waaay more fitting sounds. SVD still looks like an AK in first person though 😛

  • Why are you even bothering with new sounds at the moment? When their is about a dozen other more important things to improve before sounds should even be considered …..
    Like fixing sunglasses So that ridiculously blinding glare from the sun doesnt wash out your screen when making demo videos……
    FYI , face away from it next time your recording one of these .. #protip

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    sounds really bad to me D:, the C96 sounds ok but the rest idk…

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    this … is a joke right ?
    They’re just gonna give us this and make us believe that’s it just to late release the real and terrifying realistic sounds … RIGHT ?