Shared by Beav on December 2, 2016

A showcase of the new military camps in Upper Berezino and Dubrovka and a discussion.

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    I watched and liked your video, it is good, but i disagree a little with your feel about the loot spawns.
    I think it is intentional from the devs to give us some good loot at these tent spawns. An ak74u does not actually count as a super massive find, but keep in mind that all of us waited many months for this release of DayZ and that it would be fun specially over Christmas now to play and love DayZ. Many people have left the scene because of various reasons and now to want to starve them out with less gear at specially these camps which were put there for a purpose does not feel right.
    Why move them around anyways if you don’t want to find gear there. Just do not go there then.