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Hello Survivors!

This week, we’re sharing progress on new melee combat animations from Victor, our Lead Sound Designer Andrej is teasing audio updates in 0.62 and 0.63 and our Community Manager Baty is sharing her experience from a community event that happaned on DayZ Underground this weekend. We also want to inform you about planned website improvements and recent changes on our forums.

Dev Update: B. Hicks

For this Status Report we’re going to take a look through the current tasks and immediate goals for .61 Hotfixes, .62 Development, and the march towards Beta. I’d also like to list out the top 3 issues the QA department is looking for more data on from you all over on the Feedback Tracker.

0.61 Stable Branch:

  • QA Team is currently investigating reports of unlootable corpses. Repro steps being investigated before gameplay programming team can attempt to address.
  • Gameplay Programming team currently working on addressing physics issues with .61 Exp/Unstable build that result in animals sometimes moving below terrain
  • QA Team is verifying adjustments to vehicle physics on Exp/Unstable branch that should address vehicles slipping below terrain
  • Gameplay Programming team is working on addressing some legacy security issues found on .61 Stable
  • QA Team is verifying changes to vehicle persistence and the handling of destroyed vehicles on Exp/Unstable branch that should address problems on stable with destroyed vehicles sticking around.

Over on the .62 Front, Adam and his team continue pushing along – and for those that missed PAX East we will include the cut of slow pan through WIP Broadleaf Forest, and pan through grass with the WIP new grass shader.

0.62 Current Tasks:

  • Young Conifer Distribution
  • Additional Color Adjustments to Tree & Bush Colors
  • Chernarus Lighting config changes
  • Performance Analysis

On the Beta side of the fence, there is a large amount of work ahead of us. I know we’ve made comparisons before about the extensive changes being compared to a spinal transfusion for DayZ, and that cannot be stated enough. This is a massive undertaking, and it is and will take time. That said, lets take a look at what the team is currently focusing on for their immediate tasks.

Beta Current Goals:

  • Rework of User Action System
  • Iterating Melee Combat Mechanics
  • Inventory Refactorization
  • Internal Testing of Knife/Axe Prototype Combat
  • Soft Skills Prototype
  • Introducing Animations for User Actions that previously used generic
  • Creating support for vehicles to functionally have more than 4 wheels (V3S for example)
  • Electricity System Prototyping
  • Unjamming Anims for New Player

Lastly, I’d like to list the top 3 issues the QA team needs more feedback on from our official Feedback Tracker – If you have any data, repro steps, etc on these issues please feel free to update them with what you have!

  • 0.61 Invisible Players and Zombies
  • 0.61 Character is stuck attacking
  • 0.61 Desynchronised Hand slot

Dev Update: V. Kostik

Today, I would like to talk about our progress on melee combat. At this point, we have implemented animations for unarmed combat, axe, pipe and knife combat. These animations are still work-in-progress but allow us to test basic behavior in-game.

This is very useful: we can now iterate with programmers and designers and adjust every animation accordingly so that it blends better, for instance if you perform continuous attacks. Our plan is to have unique attack animations for fist fight, axe, knife and items like fire extinguisher, pith fork, baseball bat, pipe and many other items in order to achieve a unique look and feel when fighting.

Creating attack animations for this new system is bit more time consuming though. In the old combat, there was one attack animation per item. In the new melee combat, we now have a series of 6 animations per item. These animations blend together, so you can either perform attack and go to idle or you can continue with another attack without interruption.

In upcoming weeks, we are planning to add damage to the player and hit reactions, as well as continue on balancing the entire melee combat system.

Dev Update: A. Sinkevic

The audio department is operating at full power, working on both 0.62 and 0.63 updates.

For 0.62, we are preparing a full revamp of ambient sounds. New atmospheres andenvironment sounds in general, but also spatial vegetation or structure sounds. We are utilizing the potential of our new sound system, so it’s not just new samples, but a true, complete overhaul: new ambient sounds for forests, coast side, fields but also cities and villages are all in the making.

The infamous, annoying random sounds of fence screeching are gone, and audio will also follow weather dynamically and in more detail, ultimately meaning new wind, thunder and rain sound effects will be added to DayZ. In general, roaming the countryside of Chernarus will be a much more pleasant experience to your ears.

At the same time, part of our audio team is working on the 0.63 update, where we will introduce new user actions sounds, weapon reload sounds and basically all audio connected to the player character. 0.63 will also bring new vehicle sounds through our redesigned audio system, so driving will sound more natural and responsive to engine behavior.

That’s all from audio department now, we will share some more before the update drops!


0.61 Invisible Players and Zombies:
0.61 Character is stuck attacking:
0.61 Desynchronised Hand slot:

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