Shared by SepticFalcon on September 14, 2016

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Today we have another update from the DayZ Trello board, some really nice WIP images and video of upcoming content.

DayZ Trello:

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All Footage is from DayZ Standalone by Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall and Bohemia Interactive


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    Just yesterday I mentioned to some friends about how they should add a race track. was confronted with a lot of no’s and the Devs would never do that and a lot of negativity coming along for the ride.
    To me it just makes sense to add something like that as this is a social interactive game and what better way to show off some skills, race the perfected syncing cars, get together and drink a couple imaginary Rasputin beers afterwards than a race track (Rasputin is soda, but imaginary beers to me)
    I have some great ideas too which would be nice additions but who better to tell them too than you Septic Falcon
    I’ll mention just one though. What about a floating Old Rustic type Passenger ship that never docked/ set anchor. Something big, really big. It is far far out on the ocean, and bobs around wherever the current takes it.
    It could be around Svet in the morning and by afternoon around Solnichniy or after a server restart it could be far out from Kamenka. Far out enough to use Binoculars or a Scope to spot. Could have the rarest loot, Heli pad with some real essential chopper parts and enough loot to be fulfilling to take the swim or maybe even a future construct able Raft to get you there and back with loot to big to swim with.