Shared by H1kari on August 8, 2014

So you are probably wondering where i’ve been. Well i’ve been getting the twitch account up and running, go check it out!
My New Twitch Channel –
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My New rig in the mail is – * Intel Core i7-4790K Haswell 4.0GHz (4.4GHz turbo) Quad-Core 8000K
* Corsair H60 Cooling Hydro, extra quiet Liquid Cooling System (
* ASUS Z97M-PLUS , Onboard Video, HD Audio, X-Fire, GB LAN, USB3.0, HDMI & DVI
* 16GB (2x8GB) PC17000 DDR3 2133 Dual Channel (high performance memory)
* GeForce GTX 780 3GB PCI EXpress 16X quad head, HDMI
* 2TB Western Digital Black 7200RPM SATA3 6GB/s 64m cache
* 500.0 GB SSD Samsung 840 EVO Series Solid State Drive, SATA3 6.0Gb/s, 540MBs