Shared by SupaSand on December 14, 2018

Three year anniversary special for the plan that brought justice to the DayZ Mod developer server responsible for the death of the mod and disappearance of all private pure Vanilla servers and other modded servers since late 2014, mainly trough self centered close minded development implementations in patches to kill off the other servers and achieve the end goal of being the only Vanilla server left in the mod, consequentially this lead to the loss of thousands of players in DayZ Mod over the years to the current pathetic 100 average players playing the mod, Final Judgment is coming for them all in the future.

Game: Arma 2 DayZ Mod

Songs used:
►Red – Who We Are
►All Good Things – For the glory
►Phedora – One Breath Away
►Our Last Night – Same Old War
►Ten Million Voices by Shamans Harvest

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Arma 2 DayZ Mod Patch 1.9