Shared by hwk on March 13, 2013

New Dayz mod : Mercenary, including changes like : new skins, new weapons, new sounds, new zombies, carry weight system and much more…

Complete changelog :

  • We added a Roaming Quarantine Squad Units throughout the map. While they have Rare Loot, there is a high chance you wont survive an encounter. Encounter rate 20-40%. Basically these are several units spread across the map and have one agenda, to find and you kill. They will be highly lethal and will carry proper military weapons. They roam the map in search to “clean” the breakout. These units will also kill zombies if found.
  • Military and custom buildings have been added to forgotten spots (Kamenka, NEAF, & more) and areas leaving room for broad aggressive search for weapons throughout the map, rather than your normal cities (Stary, NWAF & etc)
  • Zombie spawns have become random and throughout the WHOLE map. Included all forested areas, if you set up camp somewhere, expect to see Zombies there sometimes or coming through.
  • Added R3F Realism. This adds some very realistic features to DayZ Mercenary. You must be conscious of your gear weight. The more gear you carry, the heavier you are, the faster you get tired. You will have to make choices on what gear you decide to keep. Everything adds weight. The more gear you have, the higher the chance of a black out. All stances are affected (standing, crouching, crawling) as well as you backpack inventory.
  • Added New Weapons to Helicopter Crash Sites.
  • Added Weapon Crates randomly located throughout the map.
  • Zombie spawns have been increased by radius and per person in order to keep one from knowing if other players are near or within locations of interest.
  • New Vehicles + Vehicle spawns have radically been changed to 200+ Custom spawn points. Vehicles will not spawn in location as seen on DayZ DB.
  • Addition of gutting and eating dead players & zombies as seen on DayZ 2017 (thanks Shinkicker for allowing us this opportunity)
  • New Spawn Skins, for example Original Bandit Skin meets new School, New Clothing, New Backpacks
  • All new weapon addition, included multiple SCAR models (multiple MK 16 & MK 17 models), Multiple AK models, & M4 and M16 variation models.
  • Radios have been added in (rare find), as of now we will have specific functions and usage for it in the coming builds.
  • If your in a vehicle, zombies and loot tables will spawn regardless.
  • Lowered Loot Rates, Lowered food and drink to be a little more realistic, but enough to survive.
  • Merged Boil Water Action – Vanilla. Requires an empty tin can or empty soda can and a filled water bottle. Light a fire and you will get an option to boil your water. Non Boiled water has a chance of infection.
  • Merged Roll Action – Vanilla. Must have a primary weapon for this to work.
  • Merged Tent Sleeping – Vanilla. Yes you can sleep in your tent now.
  • A lot of other features are still at work and will be released in the next build, and we will further be producing newer features of the game as time passes.