Shared by TheRunningManZ on September 18, 2014

Melee Vs Fists 0.49 stable. Testing the new Melee system (fire axe)

Video Geolocation


    • so you’d rather viewers believe that he was referencing him when he was not? And also, i’ve no issue with frankie, he’s a little fun to watch when im bored, but the army of children that start playing any game with a “mature audience” that he showcases makes me not want to be one of his subs, so im not generalized as one of them. Also. Nobody is immune to disrespect, not frankie, nobody. i dont know what tone you ment to convey with your comment, so i’m trying to be respectful, but if you were angry because of one thing he said, then i will honestly tell you that i have no respect for you. if you were just joking, or ment it in some other way, and stayed calm and collected, more power to you.

  • keep in mind, thats in 3rd person. in my experience w/ the new patch, two handed hits nowhere near the center of the screen in 1st person, so i just use 1-handed melee (telescopic baton is my baby) because 1-handed and punching only seems to work in 1st person which i play in more, and 2-handed only seems accurate in 3rd person.