Shared by Seyyoshi on April 13, 2014

Welcome to Susans fruit commercial! First of all, thanks for passing by and I have been working on alot of videos lately packed up a few ready to go. This was the video I was talking about in the description before. Thumbnails pretty shiet, I know. Working on fixing it. Been upgrading my channel quite a bit, aswell as that I will be starting gymnasium after the summer. Now that summer is coming I will be recording constantly everyday and I am currently working on getting a twitch channel up that I will stream with at least once a week. It all depends how things go. Anyways MERCI BEACOUP for watching, Susan will give you an apple for free! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like! Here is the music that was used in the video. These are beast man, check’ em!
Dabin & Feint – When You Return
Grant Bowtie – Candy

Video Geolocation