Shared by Credidred on October 11, 2014

This is still a project in progress. In this episode we delve into making your own tent from modern materials to nature. I really think this tent system could have potential in helping to build communities in servers to interesting looking camps. The tent of Tipi design I’ve created is of medium size. I really wanted to start with something bigger to show you all that it has to take teamwork or logistics to craft bigger versions. Single person smaller tents are coming in with future videos.

Many survivors who want a tent have to run from place to place or server hop to get a tent. So instead of server hopping etc, a player could start small and build a smaller/lesser tent until they find better means of shelter/storage. This would make the gameplay and character progression more consistent. (thats my thinking behind it anyway guys)

If there is anyone out there who will be modding or running private hives in the future please get in contact with me. Enjoy

Video Geolocation