Shared by TitanDBZ on May 20, 2014

So today I’m starting a new series called Lone Wolf. This series will be any footage of me and my DayZ adventures with no other friends involved. Now I don’t currently have a schedule for these Lone Wolf episodes because I typically like to play with friends, but I was thinking about uploading at least 3-5 videos a week because it takes a lot of time to record, edit, and upload (About a 24-28 hour process) especially when I’m rendering and uploading 15-30 minute videos at 1440p.

I would just like to thank you guys for all of the support on Episode 1! Making these DayZ videos are so fun and makes us wanna make more with all of the supportive comments!

SoFly – Girls Gone Wild (JPhelpz Remix) –
Fear – Christian Reindl –

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