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DayZ Standalone is available on Steam for 23,99€ and is currently in it’s Alpha Stage. Feel free to buy the game on steam to help fund the development but keep in mind, the game is not in it’s final stage and bugs are fairly often. If you choose to purchase the game now, you will have the full game at all times and will not have to purchase it again.

DayZ Standalone is alot more based around scavenging and friendly play than the prior Arma II Mod: DayZ which has been around for almost two years prior to the Standalone. The map has been greatly reworked and loottables have been mayorly adjusted. Finding a gun is alot harder and mechanics like looting unconscious players and handcuffs make it alot easier to play as a hero and might remove lots of KoS issues some players had.

But be careful at all times, not only zombies may want your beans! 🙂
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