Shared by ThickFreedom on January 10, 2015

Ran into a hardcore hacker with the ability to teleport and shit.


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    Shat in those bandits’ face when you kill them!

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    WHAT THE FUCK !! I’m gonna poo every times !!!

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    I really hope this will never be ingame! In my opinion it would be a big development fail!

    DayZ is a zombie apocalypse survival game, which should definitely have basic “survival” elements like hunger, thirst, illness etc. (systems like body temperature are also positive for the survival aspect)

    It is not necessary to implement something like defecation. DayZ would be much more awkward and ridiculous with this feature. The survival aspect will also not increase! It’s just a “logical sequence” which do not need to be focused for a survival game.

    This is DayZ, not Sims!

    … but this is just my opinion, feel free to reply!

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    That dude is far from awesome. He and others like him are the current pieces of shit found in DayZ. They much like that animation need to be pushed out, wiggled loose and wiped from the game.

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    Why am i laughing so much at this?!! 😀

  • defecation has been in the game regarding ailments like food poisoning or drinking unpurified water just no animation has been added officially yet in its current state defecating degrades your pants quality and will actually ruin them over time if your survivor continues to shit himself one defecation will take pristine pants down to damaged and this is definitely something that needs to be added to the game you could tell so much from a turd especially if they implement the ability to tell temperature and age witch would tell you if someone was around that area recently as well as if its solid or liquid telling you if the person that was there is ill or healthy you could also track someone by their trail of turds they leave behind or the player could choose to clean their shit up or just shit themselves additionally you could force feed a captured bandito that fresh pile of hot squash you just made!!! LMFAO!!!! there are just too many possibilities if defecation is implemented properly and extensively force feeding and throwing bags of shit that u cleaned up would be funny as fuck also if they implement that then they would implement the toilets in houses and the out houses and porta potties to be usable..
    imagine tipping a porta pottie with someone inside and it would ruin or at least degrade that persons clothes as well as they would smell bad to the point that other players would get a notice that their survivor smells a putrid smell or something of the sort as well as the flies their could be so many things that they could do with even the flies they could bite you bother u make your aim shake or make your survivor have to swat them away or even just make noise and other players might notice the swarm of flies around a bush or tree and even cause disease… some of the things i mentioned are more for lolz but a lot of those features would make the game just that much more realistic and someone could catch you with your pants down literally

  • this is why i am done with DayZ. It has become a joke!

    I am longing for ARMA3 2017 that attracts the worst kind of player… players who think this crap is funny.

    Small things impress small minds

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    I agree with you, instead of working hardly on vehicles, this is what they done … A fucking poo system supporting the cleaning of the buttocks…

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      As far as I know, defecation (animation) was in a very early version of the mod (not the standalone!!!)

      I suspect barely (=”hope not”, as I mentioned) that they work on a defecation-system currently. However I can not agree with you, that they should hardly work on vehicles. In my opinion vehicles are not the main-priority. There are other things like persistence, loot-respawn, illness, crafting, zombies which are much more important that vehicles.

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        I totally agree with you. Vehicles are not the most important thing in the game. This will add to the immersion factor of the game. I personally hope this will tie into the (soon to be implemented) disease system. I know I’ve seen actual early models of the fecal matter and I am impressed. Maybe it will bring a whole bunch of new features to the game? Home made fertilizer? I know they are also adding traps to the game so maybe you can smear fecal matter on sharpen sticks and bury them like they did in Korea? I personally, am very excited about this and hope this will actually be added to the game. 🙂