Shared by Ronfox on December 28, 2014

Thanks for watching! For this video I took 2 requests, one for the Kumyrna ”town” and the other for some night time footage in the Arma 3 engine. Leave a like if you want to see more showcases!

”Kumyrna is an old, abandoned town on a mountain plateau directly south of Guglovo. It can be accessed via a set of winding paths to the northwest (from Mogilevka or Novy Sobor), but is easier to get to from Guglovo. All of the buildings here are more or less just ruins, looking as though a battle or great fire occurred here at some point in the past — as evidenced by the downed helicopter near the eastern end of town.

There are a total of nine buildings here, including a church. There is a very small chance of loot spawning here. All the buildings located in Kumyrna have seem to be shelled sometime after the events of Arma II. The town is known from little to none activity due to very to none loot spawning in Kumyrna. Behind the Kumyrna church is a grave yard with deceased Chernarus towns folk.”

Video Geolocation