Shared by Boydy73 on September 25, 2015

Vigilante Gamer and I are trying to boost interest in the most challenging way to play, First Person mode. We will be switching our Aussie convicts Attack Force server to first person mode for this event. Hope to see you all there!


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    Hi all, Vigilante Gamer and I are doing a special event next Friday, starting at 2000. The attached video explains it all, but I wanted to make sure you all of you in this community knew about it as well. The Aussie Convicts Attack Force #1 will be going first person for the night, and will most likely be packed to the brim! So get in early! This is a private shard server (6 servers with the lads from Blue Waffle Attack Force across Australia, USA and the UK), so, you will need to get on early and get your character geared and up in the northwest area to have a chance.
    To claim the bounty, you need to be the first person to tweet @vigilantegamer with a code that will be written onto a piece of paper located on his player. We may also have a mystery sponsor who is adding a bonus $50 if certain “conditions” are met! It will be up to you whether you just go for the straight $50 or go all in for the jackpot! More information on these conditions will be sent our shortly. Just killing him isn’t enough to claim the bounty, you must also loot his body for the codeword AND tweet it out to claim the bounty. So, you will need to be watching your back as well!
    There is approximately a 2hr timeline for this event, if no one claims it, we will carry it over to another night.
    Now, these servers are located in Melbourne Australia, so if you are based ijn the EU/UK, be aware that you will have terrible ping for this.
    So, I hope to see you all next Friday from 8pm AEST (10pm in NZ) and look forward to some intense FIRST PERSON PVP action!
    The prize can only be claimed by one person.
    To stay up to date with all the latest information, make sure you are following:

    Aussie Convicts Attack Force #1 | AUS/NZ 3rd person
    Aussie Convicts Attack Force #2 | AUS/NZ 3rd person