Shared by hwk on May 14, 2013

Hey guys my name is Fox and i hope you enjoyed this video. This is one of the most epic things i have ever pulled off in day z and i hope you guys enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed making it. I am really excited for the standalone and this is why! Moments like this you cannot find in any other game. I am really excited to produce content for the standalone!

Content coming up!

My plan is to upload Day z videos which i find cool but no structured “series” i plan to do this for the future. Speaking of the future i plan to play with my buddy smug, his channel is below you can check him out. I am also really excited to make battlefield 4 and will be making battlefield 3 videos in the meantime!


I want to encourage everyone to give me feedback and tell me how to improve and if you enjoy thumbs this up! I also stream occasionally so you can follow that below

Music in this video!

Kraddy – Android Porn