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IGN 2012 (and video) Interview:

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Current News from Eurogamer:

“Hello Peeps, Today I wanted to talk about the topic of Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall stepping down as lead for DayZ Standalone.
This has come as a big surpise to alot of people, even though since 2012 this topic has been brought up several times with Dean in interviews.
All with a similar answer to todays topic.
So lets take a little trip through time, and see if this is as big a news article as everyone is making it….
Hmmm lets start way back….
On 28th of August 2012 in an interview with IGN, Dean stated that eventually he could become counter productive, or even sick of DayZ Standalone after so much work…
Calling it Founders Syndrome, you come up with an awesome idea…but are not necessary the person to take it forward…
Stating he will want to move onto other things at some point.

On 21st of June 2013 When Asked in an interview with PC Gamer, “How long do you see yourself working on DayZ?”
Dean answered, ” Right now, Realistically, the next 12 months…”
But as we all know now, Dean is still on for Leading DayZ, untill atleast the end of 2014!

Then in January of 2014 in an interview with Edge, Dean Stating that ” Developement will need to transition through to someone who can maintain it, and open it up to the community.”

And as we come back to the present, for some reason this information in my opinion has been blown way out of proportion…

Dean is not going to up and leave us all with an unfinished product, he will stay on developing DayZ untill he see’s that it can live on without him.
Meaning all Features he has planned for DayZ, should be implimented to its fullest by the time he decides to step aside…
And even then he will still be involved in one way or another…
But also start working on another awesome game for us all to enjoy!
I hope this bit of research and information was usefull to you, but for now…. ill see you peeps… time!”