Shared by DeadlySlob on September 1, 2015

DayZ Standalone has been in development for nearly two years. Is it finally worth it and ready for a mass audience?

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    Is it worth it? If you want to play the only zombie survival game without any zombies in it, then yes. After 700 hours in, I am quickly losing patience with this ridiculously slow development. With every update which is coming slower and slower everytime, comes loss of functionality and it’s own new bugs. Bring back the zeds, stop server farmers and lets get the interaction with everyday items like loot, ladders, doors, vehicles and other physics related issues solved.

    I get what you are saying about exploration and roleplay and equipment but it frustrates me to no end that after many months without weapon attachments, they bring them back in 0.58 but most of them do not work. They did work over a year ago. Two steps forward, 1.5 steps back.

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    Hey Deadly. My thoughts – is it worth it? Yes it is too those that love it, however if you were to dump the general “mass” gaming audience in, those gamers who hate bugs, want things to run smoothly etc…then for them it isn’t worth it, not even at the current price point. It is a game in development with, and let’s get this straight, absolute core dynamics of the game as promised by Devs still not working…I love it, and DayZ fans generally love it, other people – nope. How do I know, well I’ve got a number of mates who I roped into buying it and playing it (not real fans so to speak) they played it for a bit, then got put off by all the issues, fair enough. They are waiting for it to be completed before playing again.

  • Hey Deadly,

    very good video! I am absolutely with you… very good conclusion of dayz patch 0.58 and dayz at all. Only thing is, that i think fully automatic weapons could be more rare than they already are. Playing on a public hive, for me it just feels like playing 0.57. Just went to NWAF and my squad killed 5 ppl there. All of them had got m4s and augs and umps! So if you want that dayz feeling you describe you have to play on a private shard, i think!

    I just started playing a survivor, which means for me just using craftable weapons and stuff, not eating any cans, just eat your own grown vegetables and it work perfectly fine! And you dont get shot that fast… Met a lot of ppl which were like: What the f**ck are you doing? And let me live..