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In this video we take a look at whether I think dayz standalone is worth the cost in 2017!

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    i am all most at 2000 hrs but i can only play on the weekends so i have owned the game a very long time

    i think at that time the game was only a year old for me patch .20 some thing

    the bugs never bugged me .. it was and still is the hacking

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    20 quid for 4000 hrs . bargain 😛

  • I really enjoyed this game when I played it but the only thing I will say is that, if you plan to play by yourself, you may not get the best experience. This game is definitely better when you are playing with a group. The rules for DayZ is never trust anyone and that is so unbelievably true. For instance I tried to help a new player when I found him on the beach. I gave him an axe to defend himself. The second I had my guard down he killed me with it and stole everything I had. This game definitely offers a unique experience like no other game I’ve ever played but the fact that it’s still in alpha after 3 years is disheartening. If you have a group of people looking for a new and unique online experience this game may be a good decision. It looks like it has gotten better since I played and I had fun in the beginning of it. The bugs will get frustrating but they don’t happen as often as you’d think. Hope I helped someone!

  • I deff agree you need to play with other people to help you get through the frustration of the bugs that use to annoy me i had some fun times with it. To be fair i havent played in over a year and maybe they have made some progress. But honestly when i look back, I would probably just as quick opt out and keep my $ There is alot of games out now so close to this if not way better and polished with a similar price tag. I understand its alot of hard work to do what these devs have done but… on the other hand it makes me want to make a game and release it on steam where it starts out as you in a giant box, and every few months ill add something to the box for you to play, then i might take it away, then i might make it not work, then ill make it crash your pc..and the box you suffer inside will never get any bigger, and eventually it will decay and leave nothing behind and the worst part is you will have paid me to suffer… and i will still have your money and time you can never get back.

    I still have pretty high expectations of this game eventually and i did have a few really good times in the run simulator, I am not sure it was as much about the game as it was the people i played with. I would look into the game for anybody who has interest! I am not trying to dissuade anybody… just dont be surprised if it feels like it will never get finished

  • I will also add that Day z has caused me to never buy a single Alpha game ever again, and also NEVER ever put money in Bohemia’s pockets ever again.