Shared by hwk on March 1, 2014

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Playing some DayZ Invasion 1944 / Invasion 44 / I44 / i44, the mod with many names. It’s an ARMA 2 mod with WW2 weapons, skins and vehicles, now integrated with the DayZ mod. We now have official nazi zombies in DayZ.

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If you want to play on UK31, just filter it in the in-game or dayzcommander server browser. We have multiple servers but our main server is a Chernarus private hive, which has added buildings, objects, weapons, a debug monitor and plenty more. See for more info.

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Music “Bent and Broken” – Kevin MacLeod (
Sound effect: Dying Light Bulb Sound – Recorded by Mike Koenig

Outro music: “When Im Gone” – [LTR] (LTR2VNG/HB:) – LTR94 / /

This video is created using games from Bohemia Interactive.
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