Shared by hwk on February 22, 2014

In this short video, ill show you one of the stranger unexplained setups for the “gas stove” it took me awhile to figure it out, but its easy once you do it!
Unfortunately, at the time of recording cooking wasn’t actually implemented. so this really serves no use other than looking awesome.

DayZ is a multiplayer open world survival horror video game in development by Bohemia Interactive and the stand-alone version of the award-winning mod of the same name. The game was released on 16 December 2013 on PC for Microsoft Windows via digital distribution platform Steam, and is currently in early alpha testing.
The game places the player in the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus, where an unknown virus has turned most of the population into violent zombies. As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for food, water, weapons, and medicine, while killing or avoiding zombies, and killing, avoiding or co-opting other players in an effort to survive the zombie apocalypse.


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