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This video isn’t really related to gameplay, but I want to shine some light on the programming aspect of the configuration files. I’ve released DCTT more than a few months ago and I’m working on a version 2 of the game that will implement this robust system for the configuration entries and I’m sure there are others who might want to do the same but lack the knowledge on parsing the data, so here is a nice tutorial for that. 2nd part of the video will come tomorrow as soon as I edit the footage.

In this series we’ll take a look at how to start off with the configuration manager for DayZ that will parse the data. Goal of the series is to show how to implement DayZ Configuration into applications that will be used to alter the configuration files outside of the game.

Prime example of this usage, however not coded with this method, is DayZ Config Tweak Tool that has been released few months ago that you can get from the official website: or from DayZTV

This video contains setting up the worker class, base class for the types and all inherited classes for certain types and configuration of their properties and methods. I’ll show you how inheritance works and how it can be implemented in a more complicated fashion + I’ll show you the use of dynamic type which is perfect for this situation! Best part is, it’s possible to customize this so that it works with ArmA III, ArmA II and Arma II: OA for a unified set of tools to configure everything at once! 🙂

Download full source of the code (if you want here):
[Link pending because documentation is not fully written yet. Please hold 🙂 It will be here soon]

Want to submit ideas or work accomplished with this code? Be my guest!
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