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What you need:

Step 1: Gathering the supplies

Firstly what your going to need is the pole. To craft this we need several supplies, First off we need to gather ashwood sticks which can be gotten from cutting down an ashwood tree, next of all we need rope and a fishing hook which can be found in and loot areas bar military loot and then we need to find worms, which can be found by using a shovel anywhere with soil. Now that we have everything we can carry on to craft the pole.

Step 2: Crafting The Pole

Once we have everytihng collected we can now craft the Fishing Pole. Take your Rope and attach it to the Ashwood Stick to make a fishing pole (Note be careful not to craft a Bow instead), once you have that done and dusted you can not Put your worms onto your fishing hook and then attach it on it to your Pole. Now you have fully crafted the Fishing Pole. Don’t forget to bring some extra bait with you!

I caught the Big one! Best Fishing Trip Ever!

Aw, no Gut'n'bone Stew?

Hack it into fillet.

Ready to cook!

My first cooked meal in 144 Hours

Step 3: Fishing

Now that we have got the Fishing Pole done go to any medium sized or larger pong (eg. Prud ect), ‘Start Fishing’. You’ll be given several options such as “Check Line” and “Pull out”. To sucessfully catch a fish simply keep checking the line and then once something is “Cautiously examining the bait” Don’t check any more, now it’s time to be on the ball as soon as you see that something has bit the bait PULL OUT! You may fail in which case it will inform you and you will not lose your bait.

Sometimes it can take a while but once you do catch a fish you can fillet it using a knife and then it is ready for cooking!

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