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Installation guide for Dayz Breaking Point:


Error with the latest build

With the latest update, if the launcher fails to work, try to download the latest .Net Framework from microsoft (click here)

Dayz Breaking point Features

  • +175 land, air & sea vehicles added, a lot more end-game vehicles
  • +600 and more additional weapons
  • +100 and more additional hand firearms
  • Scary night ambiant + the hypped Fog feature
  • Unique zombie designs, zombie sounds, better zombies, a whole lot more zombies spawn
  • Loot spawns tweaked, Dogs Companions (Pets) etc…
  • New and additionally upgraded chart, personalized villages, cities, structures, bases… and others
  • Over 20 lootable skins to get, original bandit skin, Urban bandit skin, Spec Ops skin, Mercenary skin, Heli pilot skin, Group skins etc…
  • Pull cars, flip vehicles, put equipment in cars, lift vehicles with helicopters, relocate items etc…
  • Groundwork fabrication aspects
  • Charnarus Electrical Power Grid – Will generally be switched on/down, might be damaged/mended (illumination, Street lights, illumination House lights. and others)
  • Refuel your cars fully by parking all of them near to a great fuel tank (among that would function with a jerry can) – spares unwanted time spent on refueling cars
  • Brand new seem benefits regarding everything! After rising ladders to jogging in areas in order to reloading & heating back weapons.
  • Pull components with automobiles
  • “SMK Lite” animations
  • Separate types of Tasers – brings brand new types of performance to be able to DayZ


WARNING: Read this before downloading

New Breaking Point updater phones your BE GUID home. One step away from stealing your CD key.
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