Shared by COOPERinaBOX on February 6, 2015

This is a long one but it shows three recent encounters with hackers and various ways to play it. It’s all in the game, baby. In vid 3 I literally run out of insults to taunt the hacker. He’s a super sad fella. I’ve actually been thankful for some of my past experiences with hackers in the mod. One bombed our forest with parachuting buses which then knocked over trees and exploded as they crashed behind us. Then the bombardment scaled up to straight artillery. It was scary, beautiful and a despicable hack but I felt that it was a unique event and I found myself reminiscing about it, with pals that were there. Another time a hacker killed everyone, over and over while wearing a Cuban military get-up. I dared him in global chat to do something cool as we knew he could kill us already. He spawned us in ospreys and then crashed us. I challenged him again and he teleported me to the island where he conjured a military base in a flash, like some wizard and told me to gear up. I got the gear I that I lost when he first killed me and logged. I win. Hackers are lonely or bored. Either way, it’s sad. Enjoy, DayZ TV community.