Video Geolocation


  • To educate all of you who throw grenades like that. You first press and hold G because when you’re throwing a grenade he’s gonna do a double take on the anim. Hence you losing lots of time before and after throwing the grenade. The result of you unpinning and throwing a grenade is 99.9% going to be the same as the one in your video.

    To avoid this, first hold G, don’t release it at all. He’s gonna go through the throwing animation, once it’s done he’s gonna repeat it, once that’s done he’s gonna keep his arm arched back and will stay there. At this point you scroll your mouse and unpin the grenade, AT THIS POINT you may release G and throw the grenade.

    Why is this method better?
    The bomb has like a 5 second cooldown before it explodes. You might think that’s not that much, it’s actually plenty of time which you can use to escape. Holding your G first cancels the unpinning animation which takes like 2 seconds on it’s own and as soon as you press UNPIN the grenade the game counts the grenade as unpinned, not from the moment the animation’s over but from the moment it starts.

    So, hold G and wait until he stops jerking his arm back and forth. Once that’s done, unping and release. This way the grenade’s gonna be on your way and so are you. Easy grenade throw which you actually survive.

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    i have no problems throwing granades :/