Shared by Happybro on December 8, 2016

Please keep in mind that DayZ .61 is still being tested on exp branch and many bugs and issues are planned to be resolved.

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    .61 is going pretty well so far. I’m enjoying the new build and it’s clear that Brian and the boys are dedicated to the community. DayZ is about to hit a new level; zombies, audio, map changes, character changes, lighting, it’s all coming together. Bugs?, sure, they’re to be expected but let’s face it, the game is in more capable hands now. When all is said and done it will be THE survival shooter to play. It’s been hot since the mod and will only become more popular when the standalone is finished. I remain highly optimistic as should you. I for one can’t wait to see what else is in store for DayZ. I’m sure it will be glorious!

  • Is the game going to run optimal? I run an I5 3470, gtx 960 with 8gb of ram and the game doesn’t run well for me. I never have any FPS issues with any other games, whats up?!?

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      I run an i5 3350 @ 3.10 Ghz, GTX 780Ti with 16gb of ram and it runs ok except for when I’m around cities or large towns. DayZ is still in alpha and in constant iteration change. More optimizations will be made of course, just give it more time. Even top of the line PCs may have issues running it. It’s buggy, I’m sure performance will improve over time.