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Chernarus was originally created for Arma 2 by Bohemia Interactive. That game itself became insanely popular with the release of the DayZ mod (created by Dean Hall), an open world multiplayer zombie survival mod. The DayZ mod was then released into a standalone game with the help of bohemia interactive. The same map of Chernarus is still used, but it has been vastly updated. It includes new towns, military bases, swamps etc… The map still homes some of our favorite towns such as Cherno, Electro and Berezino. You also cannot forget the North Airfield.

DayZ was kind of a huge shock to the gaming industry. No one realized the potential that a map the size of Chernarus had. It was originally built for Arma 2 which was a military simulator. You can play the single player campaign or do online missions on this map. There are many other map mods out there as well. Bohemia Interactive recently released Arma 3, which includes an even bigger map than Cherarus called Altis.


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