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People aren’t fond of gays in DayZ
Game: DayZ Standalone

In this video, we have plans to sit on top of the factory building in “Big Bezza” (Berezino) and see if anyone will come join us as we light a campfire and play Darude – Sandstorm down the mic. However it was very short lived.
Smigg then got chased down by a bunch of guys (obviously because they’re homophobes and wanted to kill the guy in the pink dress) and they paid for it with their lives. I only hope one of them was the one that killed me in the first place.

This is a joke. Do not take anything I have said in this video particularly seriously, I’m not gay myself but I’m not against homosexuals. DayZ is just full of a**holes nowadays and we were stood quite still, which is really why we got shot. But, for the purpose of this video, I portray that in a different way 😀

This is more of a social experiment more than anything, so please, do not take offence. This is intended to be a joke and not to insult anybody other than the pathetic, unsociable, KoS-ers (not bandits, because they don’t even take your loot).

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