Shared by Sobieski12 on January 30, 2017

This series will cover in detail in holding up armed players in DayZ SA. Situations vary greatly, thus a numbers of episodes will be made to show the community the different ways to capture armed survivors.
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    First player was probably afk
    because he did not hear you even you ran very loudly and second player having picnic next to
    dead enemy…. So I say this hold ups was easy mainly because “enemys” was behaved
    foolishly ?
    Enyway this animation tip was good ^^

    • Profile photo of Sobieski12

      In all honesty, I think the 1st player was there. Just loot managing his inventory. With that inventory open your surroundings are blurred thus he didn’t respond quickly.

      Well yeah, in general the best way to get hold ups is to take advantage of a enemies mistake. Some are quite easy, other times are more difficult.

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    Something I had thought of, and something I have to try and compensate for when I hold people up myself, if they’re eating or “using” an object, they may have did that while holding their weapon. Sometimes they’re happy to surrender, but you have to realize that they will automatically pull their weapon back out after they finish their interaction.

    While that does put them in a crazy risky position while you’re trying to neutralize them, it adds difficulty to our side as the captor. One thing you can do is try and instruct the person to “CANCEL” what they’re doing, this will cause the food/drink/whatever to remain in their hand, and not make them autoswap to their weapon, but even that’s a stretch and your life is absolutely on the line so I’m not admonishing you or anything for putting lead in that guys face at the end.

    Just remember this next time your actual goal is to hold someone up, and see if you can’t compensate for it. Stay safe out there o: