Shared by CommanderPixel on June 14, 2015

I know this may be seen as a bug, but it’s just as much as bug as double carrying, or storing items in clothes in clothes ect, and if you want to bring up realism, tent’s magically vanish on restart.

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  • Profile photo of >LXXXII<

    Glitch or Bug using really sucks dude!
    Its not far away from hacking or scripting..

    ..and why the fuck is double carrying a bug? Like in real life you can have a gun on your back and one in your hand!

    • Profile photo of true_colors

      agreed man its bullshit you should be able to carry 20 guns if you want on your back but there should be like a weight limit like skyrim like say you only cn carry up to 75-100 pounds of eqipment like a backpack more guns whatever you should just be able to carry as much as you want just like why they take out were you can put things inside cloths wish they would have not did that that was useful i mean you could like stay in one spot forever killing people but last i new this was a survival game and in real life there are people who would carry that much gear to a fire fight legit