Shared by hiniberus on September 6, 2014

Hello there folks, it’s been a bit since I did my last DayZ video so I thought I’d pay homage to the game that I started my channel on with another video of it!

Sorry that it’s been a while but I’ve really tried to get player interaction outside of Berezino to little avail… so I’ll continue to try but I feel it may take another while ’till I find anything recording worthy outside of the east-coast.

Anyway, on topic, here’s a little video with some action and interaction! If you enjoy, leave a like! Any comments are taken into account and a sub if you enjoyed this and want some more videos! Any shares really help out, so if you could do so I’d greatly appreciate it.

Intro music: hopeful by MadeOfSand –

Outro music: Don’t let go by Mexpha –

DayZ Intro animation: