Shared by TeamGEO on October 9, 2014

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The 10k Hide or Die Challenge video is FINALLY here! In this game, TheEndOfTime hunts the shit out of some of our subscribers! We had our unaware friends strip naked and place all their gear in the piano house in Polana. The rules are simple, HIDE or DIE. If you live, you get a giant pile of gear and a steam game of your choosing.

In this episode, some of the contestants unfortunately had to drop-out last minute. Thankfully, Kiwo, Friendly in Cherno and Commandoflauge were more than keen to take the challenge! Well, almost everyone. We forced Commandoflauge to take part because we all know how attached he is to his gear! Although Ken won the Challenge, DopeFreshKilla is now the proud owner of ARMA III! (He was the last OFFICIAL contestant left alive)

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Special thanks to the contestants who took part in our Twitter Machine contest but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the Hide or Die Challenge!

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