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Transportation in DayZ is on the way! Cars would be efficient, but what about hang gliders? Maybe they could even be craftable?

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DayZ was originally a mod for Arma 2 created by Dean Hall, but then it became a standalone game. It was released for PC on Steam and is in Early Access. Currently, there are no vehicles in the standalone game. There is talk of a bike being added, but I think it would be great to see some unique ways of traveling such as hang gliding. DayZ Standalone was also announced for the PS4 in the upcoming years.

The hang glider in this video is from a mod for Arma 3. I ported the most current DayZ standalone map over, and then added the hang glider mod. Basically the hang glider is a vehicle mod, but it acts as a normal hang glider would. It was created by a user names mrflay, and a download link will be below.


Hang Glider Mod for Arma 3:

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