Shared by newt on July 18, 2016

Hackers seem to be back. I just got this very short clip from Saturday 16 July 2016. Was AFK for a little when my attention was drawn by these explosions that seemed to be non stop. There were much more but my voice overshadowed them by my frustrated swearing as to these useless players returning

It happened on the server Bluefish and I already informed the server admins of this, but something needs to be done by the Devs like Global banning the GUID’s of lawless players. They need to be shown they are not in charge. Sure the game is alpha and other games could be played and whatever, but this is the game I love and play and others want to show they can be the alpha dogs and piss on our legit players parade.

Please do something before they ruin it for all.

I also got a feeling towards something, BUT it could be nothing at all. Always when a new patch comes out the Hackers are gone, and when we get a hot fix, IMMEDIATELY hackers are back. Do they wait for change to happen with a Trojan horse type virus fix being entered when Devs change up or fix something. It’s a feeling I have and its been like this all the last patches. I love the hot fixes, we need them, but I always rue the thought of the consequences

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