Video Geolocation



  • At 01:06, the dude that shoots you is clearly visible behind the bible altar. When you get shot at 03:09 it’s most likely the same guy(s) that then shot you from across the street, prop in the apartment and if it was a hacker,you’d most likely not see them at all.
    Best guess is this guy was waiting for his friends to come pick up the gear, and just kept killing peeps coming by since he didn’t want other people to get the gear before his friends.
    Stop calling hack where there are none.

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    i know what you mean but as you can see at the end of the video i get shot through the wall, how does that make sense

  • Dude that’s a delayed reaction, happens from time to time, happened to me more than once, a lot more than once mainly when with desync or ping.