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Hi, I have the unfortunate news that hackers have crept back into our beloved game. I have this small clip recorded just a few minutes ago on this server on 15 January 2016. He killed player BuGs-MadMaxx around 19:52 PM

[GER] DayZ4All DE #2 | Public Playground Germany | Day Only

To be honest, My heart is broken. I praised this patch as the best ever, loving every bit of it and even getting people interested in the game world of DayZ again. I have played 3398,3 Hours on DayZ SA and it is the best game ever out there by miles, even when broken, BUT these FUCKING C#%T HACKERS fuck the game up for everybody. What the hell is BE there for anyways.
DEVS, Please Please Please DO something and DO it very quick. Don’t let us wait till u decide to bring out patch .60 to enjoy our game again and DON’T LET THESE PIECES OF SHIT hijack our game. STOP them and publicly humiliate them, Expose them and also inform us to What and Why and Who, How and Whatever.
Why can’t a hackers IP/ GUID make his name appear red in the Players list so people could notice it and take steps. Rip the servers down to show your force to persuade the admins to take steps. MANY ADMINS are in on this shit, after 3400 hrs you learn some ways of players and there behaviors and we picked up that some admins are the worst hackers. Take down this server mentioned above till they could prove their admin logs to you, for you to track the guilty parties and take SERIOUS steps
It actually started yesterday when my 1 friend was beaten by an invisible entity and killed, now we have this useless flying fuck hack messing with a product you are building for us. Why is it so difficult to take care of these useless people. What are bans for if you let them just roam around and mess about anyway..

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    It is my first serious hack attack in this latest patch. To me it is hurtful and I am furious as I sit here, because I know the Devs are going to take their sweet time again to give us a fix. Wht for was the Battle eye patch just 2 days ago, I really thought they tried to update the security measures, but what I find strange is-is that since that small update we have been getting many memory error, kick you of the game type shutdowns. Is it because hackers are fucking about and it wrecks our game play or was this BE update compromised.
    And the DEVS got to keep us informed of what is going on security wise too, so we can see what they try to do, to keep us positive and happy an d in doing so prevent the damn hackers from chasing away the people that love DayZ the most. I love this game, seriously a fucking lot, but I feel violated by these fuckers that I want to wish death upon them, But what would make that of me. Hackers/ scripts or what ever fucking sweet words the people want to use to describe these useless pieces of shit lawbreakers are not needed in this pivotal time of DayZ development, as they could cause more long term development and player number dangers. The player count did not go down the last few months cause we did not get new cars or the little bird choppers, but they left in droves because of fucking ground swimmers, glithes, dupers, glitchable structures and fucking hack script whatever’s. Many of those who left won’t come back at all, ever, even if I try to persuade them to the best of my abilities. The Devs need to wake up and smell the coffee, cause if they don’t regularly update security, DayZ will die, and if DayZ dies/died these cunt hackers will go after their Arma’s and other titles cause BE means shit

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    2016 and people still call them Hackers instead of pussy cheaters.
    “I’am a hacker!” “Really, What have you done!?” “I pressed ENTER”

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    this day´s our suad had much visit of hacker´s ****

  • hackers are back again on 0.61 1 hacker remove all waepons from my team in tisy military base kill some guys from my team without gun and server name nobb private server !! full 60 players 🙁 this game is nice i play dayz 3 years hackers again destroy the game …:(

  • It looks like game bug, and really he is walking on ground but other players see him in air