Shared by Savage on August 19, 2016

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Arriving at Myshkino tents me and two other encounter a hacker kill him and wipe a squad of 6 in the process. it starts as a 3v6 and ends a 1v4.

Apologies for the video quality didn’t have my recording set up properly so Shadow play made the clips dark, this will be fixed in the future.

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    Love the run at them tactic 😛 it would never work for me xD

    Not very convinced that the hacker was hacking… it’s seemed more like a glitch and/or latency issue. And i say this because i have encountered hackers and they are just flying around you in more god-mode sort of hack

    anyway nice play 😉

    • Profile photo of Savage

      Thank you! 😀 and honestly at first i believed it to be lag/ desync, however after watching it back i was more convinced it was hacks rather than anything else. Generally the last assumption i make is “hacker” because that’s such an easy turn to for people. In this case i felt it was. See we scouted them out for a good 10 mins before actually moving in on them. everything was fine no lag or anything. after moving in troj asks is it us on the south side of the compound and right at that moment you see this guy start zipping all the way over the location he was at, then i open up fire and he turns up behind me and death blade shooting and reloading his weapon. just seemed like to much of a convenience for him to start having connection problems when his buddies are getting shot, and then in turn he gets shot. However i guess no one except the person himself can really know whether or not they are hacking.