Shared by Thetamedbambie on August 4, 2016

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Dayz TV
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  • Profile photo of MrTheCreeper

    in my point of view you are an accomplice of this hacker :/

  • Profile photo of Hunta

    what this game needs is Staff especially hired to fly around the servers finding hackers and cheaters and premabannding them on sight. becoues cleary the anti-cheat aint working and there not fixing the buggs that cheaters abuse.

  • Profile photo of newt

    I only liked this video ONLY for the fact that you got him on recording and it is brought to light. I also upped a video a week or so ago where I got a guy that killed me shooting with his fists, BUT what I would not even conceive doing was to laugh with him about it. I know you had to play a part, but somehow I felt you loved it. I cringed with every fucking foul thing that guy did. I was too upset that you took pleasure in grabbing all the loot possible of those poor fallen guys, who lost out on playing fairly because of a fucking useless piece of shit hacker.
    Just think, they were playing and having fun, maybe they have now stopped playing DayZ as a whole now because of the actions of this guy and his antics. I know I lost many friends playing because of these hackers. So this hacker is not just lazy to play the game properly, but he steals the freedom of anyone he comes across because it is a big fucking joke.
    Yeah, and who knows HOW MUCH he is going to cost Bohemia in future sales of this product.
    The other proper thing to do would be to at least pulse check him, find his identity. cause you had ample chances to do so. The one I caught on video was impossible to connect he’s in game name to his steam account, because it was all just Chinese gibberish, but had I the chance, his whole steam account would be visible to the world

  • Profile photo of Jim

    so he didn’t know you were streaming? who knows that may help catch him.

  • Profile photo of funkygeva

    did u have fun bawsack? cos watching this made my blood boil, ignore the hacker or tell him where to go, joining him is just encouraging him to do it more, poor show gadge

  • Profile photo of NomadZ

    I couldn’t hear it well but was it a private server or public? I’m assuming it was public server. I avoid public servers and join only good private servers with good admins for good gameplay.