Shared by GouldyGaming on August 27, 2014

Episode 6 of my DayZ Adventures in which we attack the Green Mountain Sanctuary! Probably the most action packed episode yet with some pretty intense moments so I hope you enjoy! More to come soon so be sure to subscribe 🙂

This attack is in no way malicious to the server, the players, or any of the staff that admin/run it. We play on it quite a lot and thought it would be fun to play the opposite role after helping defend the sanctuary from attacks multiple times and interacting with everybody up there. Attacks like this are even sort of encouraged as long as certain guidelines are followed (which we did) as you can see by the comments by an admin on this reddit post:
Without the Green Mountain Sanctuary server this video would not have been possible so if you want to support and play the server all their information/links are below.
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