Shared by Boydy73 on August 25, 2015

Hi all, with .58 going stable tomorrow, it’s gonna be a great time to jump into the Global Shard servers and start establishing you and your clan.

Why should you play in our servers?
:- 24/7 active admins across the globe
:- servers in the U.S., UK and in Australia, meaning you can play with everyone!
:- active ban list of known hackers and dupers creating a more enjoyable playing atmosphere
:- regular impromptu events and formalised events such as the Dayz Ashez, Ultimate Survivor and more!
:- ALL, and I mean ALL play styles welcome, no safe zones, it’s one great big massive free for all.

Want to know more? Look up Aussie Convict Attack Force or Blue Waffle Attack Force on Facebook, and I hope to see you all in our servers!