Shared by Crawster on July 1, 2014

▸ Chow wants his Airfield back!

▸ Crawster, Chow & his army of Bruddehs decide too take back what was ours from the hackers.

▸ The following footage you’re seeing is the highlights from Chow’s stream he did on the 28/06/14! it was a lot of fun meeting up with Chow again and I am grateful I got the chance too record with him. Anyways, Chow and his army decide too head to the Airfield only too be blown away by wall glitchers and fly hackers. This didn’t stop us. We charged back in there and killed as many as we possibly could before the war took a turn and I charged for Chow without knowing it was him and tried too axe him, I hit him once but he was already dead from the guy that was spraying. We all re-grouped at the construction site south of Berezino too sacrifice Chow, that took a huge turn when we were all assassinated on the spot. I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks guys.

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