Shared by Happybro on May 20, 2013

Dayz Fusion is a new mod & map for Dayz.
It’s a combination of multiple mods (such as Breaking point etc…) and it use a new map called Varkgard.

Varkgard Map Features

  • 20kmx20km map (Takistan is a 13x13km map)
  • 2 main islands
  • 4 smaller and lightly populated islands
  • 3 airbases (two of them on separated islands)
  • 4 medium sized cities
  • multiples castles, forts, prisons and docks


Dayz Fusion Mod features

  • More Weapons
  • Dayz Breaking Point fog!
  • Updated loot tables for residential, military and crash sites.
  • Vehicles / Aircraft in 3 key towns / places. More will be added soon.
  • Added some rare & armed vehicles to the map.
  • Spawn with a taser
  • Random skins are enabled on new character creation (21 random skin chances).
  • New Weather system, some people seem to prefer it.
  • Zombies have had a little tweak but they are not finished.


How to download / install the Dayz Fusion Varkgard mod 0.3.8 (new!)

  • Register on the Dayz Fusion forum to stay tuned
  • Delete all previous Dayz Fusion Mod files!
  • Download @DayZ_Fusion_Varkgard 0.3.8 FULL mod here
  • Extract the folder @Dayz_Fusion_Varkgard in your Arma 2 OA directory
  • Download the Dayz Fusion Launcher here
  • Extract “Launch Fusion Varkgard.bat” to your Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead directory. It must be in this directory to work correctly.
  • Double click on the “Launch Fusion Varkgard.bat” file to run the game!
  • Once in game, click on multiplayer and then filter for “Papzzz”. Join the server which states “Dayz Fusion Varkgard” in the title.


Known Issues

  • Not that many vehicles on the map at the moment (working on adding more)
  • Bad vehicle type error when spawning as a new character.
  • Sometimes you need to press “F” twice then left mouse click once as a new character to enable the Tazer properly.