Shared by C H O C O on January 17, 2015

Ending season 2 with another clip episode! Funny, random moments in here! Sneaked a montage parody in there too.
Updates in Description.

What I really wanted to show with this episode is that I may be the one doing the editing and uploading stuff, but these are no longer my videos. I like to think that that they belong to all of us, everyone that kicks it with me to play. Because If I played this shit alone, I would have forgotten about DayZ a long time ago. Hopefully more of you guys join us. Enjoy the video guys.
Also, a couple editing and spelling derps again. xD

[DAYZ VIDEOS UPDATE] Season 3, its happening. Ima introduce a lot of new stuff to the videos to make you guy keep that iron lung on stand-by. I dont know when Season 3 gonna drop though. It might be randomly sometime this month or I might take rest of December off to relax. You’ll find out. I also wanna make a promise here that I will try to get you guys involved more. Not like last time that I totally fucked it up.

[UPDATE] January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

[2K SUBS] So theres 2000 of you now. Cool :p
I appreciate em, but again I really dont care for em. But since it is a lot of you, I cant leave you hangin. We gonna do a Q&A because I cant think of anything else to do. Cool? :p
Leave any questions for me, my cousins or friends youve seen in the on the comments or on the channel twitter or that Google+ thing.

[BE PART OF MY VIDEOS] If you are interested in doing some voice acting and come out as the next Walkie-Talkie Character (intro/outro voice), message me and I’ll respond ASAP 😀

[HELP ME IMPROVE] So, I think I got the hang of recording DayZ now. But there is always room to improve. I welcome any help/feedback/criticism you guys may have. Thanks!

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