Shared by C H O C O on January 17, 2015

I tried something new on this one. Instead of one long incident/story, I put multiple clips of footage that otherwise wouldn’t be long enough to complete the usual length of my previous episodes. Let me know what you guys think. Keep the usual style or are multiple clip videos fun too? —Updates in Description.

[DAYZ VIDEOS UPDATE] Sorry I haven’t uploaded in ages. I’ma be honest, school and work had me on the ropes. Was sorta busy. But things calming down now.

[BE PART OF MY VIDEOS] If you are interested in doing some voice acting and come out as the next Walkie-Talkie Character (intro/outro voice), message me and I’ll respond ASAP 😀

[HELP ME IMPROVE] So, I think I got the hang of recording DayZ now. But there is always room to improve. I welcome any feedback/criticism you guys may have. Thanks!

[UPDATE] January 15, 2015, Im on DayZTV now xD

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