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Hostage Situation! Orange Raincoat is my favorite item in the game and the loot was glorious! These guys are a bad influence on me, theyre so violent. xD
Updates in Description.

Season 3 guys, its happening! I tried LOTS of new things to make the videos more enjoyable for you guys. New intros and outros, new thumbnails, cleaner subtitles/text and less-lazy animations! Let me know what you guys think and also anything you guys may want me to add.

Okay,do you guys remember how I have guests appear and do the intro/outro of all my season 2 episodes? Well its back and you can be in it too! Comment below if you want to be in the next episode! I will contact you after seeing your comment on how to send me your voice entry! No special skills needed, as long as you have a voice and a mic!

[HELP ME IMPROVE] So, I think I got the hang of recording DayZ now. But I suppose there is always room to improve. I welcome any feedback/criticism you guys may have. Thanks.

Im on DayZTV now xD

Video Geolocation