Shared by 2Dogs on October 27, 2017

Special thanks to all my loyal subscribers and the new ones for waiting three weeks as my computer was out-of-commission,. In this vid we were havin fun on Trumps wall the Saturday before my computer went in for “upgrades”… had this and the last vid (wwyd#4) still on the drive and after nearly three weeks I spent today making sure I clear up some space and these up online. Its hard to find populated 1pp right now and sometimes it fun just to let loose and enjoy the pvp !
Unfortunately the middle section is a bit darker than the rest as I didnt switch rez for shadowplay, *facepalm*

Thanks Modernkilla for the use of the server bro 😉

Music :
Fun Lovin Criminals – Scooby Snacks
Beck – Loser
Metallica – Disposable Heroes

also seen on dayZTV –



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